We’re one of the UK’s leading providers of Escrow Services

Escrow Custodian Services


Escrow Custodian Services (ECS) is one of the UK’s leading providers of escrow services. Fully UK-based, and regulated by the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) ECS is a specialist in the provision and management of escrow services, on a global scale.

Safe payment solutions on an international scale


If you are seeking a safe payment solution for transactions and / or a neutral third-party custodian service to hold funds, with the authority to make disbursements when conditions are met, then Escrow Custodian Services can provide that secure and safe payment solution.


Draw-down facilities


As an authorised escrow service, we are not limited to time-scales for holding funds, and can make disbursements when appropriate, inclusive of multi-disbursements and stage payments.

Bespoke escrow solutions to suit your requirements


Escrow Custodian Services does not offer a one-size fits all, online automated service.


ECS has an experienced team to help our clients and can produce bespoke escrow contracts in order to meet individual requirements. We remain at all times a truly independent body, offering a reduced risk service.

As a UK-based business we are directed to ensure strict compliance with all relevant legislation and regulations.

  • We are registered with the Financial Conduct Authority
  • We are registered with HMRC and are fully compliant within money laundering regulations
  • We comply with the Data Protection Act 1998

Fully experienced team conversant in multiple escrow transaction areas such as:

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