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Are you looking for a safe payment solution via a neutral third-party that is regulated?


Are you looking for a professional service that is conducted with integrity and transparency, will protect both buyers and sellers interests, is authorised to hold funds and, where required, can offer multiple disbursements?


Escrow Custodian Services is an authorised regulated company which specialises in bespoke escrows and escrow custodian services.


  • Property escrow
  • Escrows for Industry
  • Aircraft escrow
  • Boat escrow
  • Commercial escrow
  • Vehicle escrow
  • Construction escrow
  • Valuable on-line trading escrow
  • High value antiques and paintings¬†


If you would like more information with regard to any of the above or simply wish to discuss how Escrow Custodian Services can protect your business, then please do not hesitate to contact us.


Registered Office:


Escrow Custodian Services

C/O LAS Partnership

3rd Floor Middleborough House

16 Middleborough





Company no. 09076407

Telephone: 0207 856 0129

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