Protect Yourself – Some Do’s and Don’ts of Investing

Some do’s and don’ts for investments


Out of all the advice that you may receive when considering an “investment opportunity” one of the easiest is simply: – “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!”


THE GOLDEN RULE has to be “Never invest more than you can afford to lose”


If you feel that you are being rushed into something, then you probably are – and at that point a conclusion may be that they don’t want you to look too closely – It works – don’t look closely – walk away – Take your time always – the legitimate dealer or broker wants you to be certain before investing.


We are all aware of course that life is never that simple or easy to predict so at ECS we have drawn up a basic list of what to do – or not do.



I am sure that there are lots of other tips – a good investment tends (more often than not) to be longer term which irons out market fluctuations and there are great opportunities around – you just need to know that it is the one you are being offered.


Still in doubt – then don’t!